Peezy extremely modular flat base cushion, completely made in Italy and made of high quality PU material that can be adapted for every user. It is particularly suitable for patients who require side and rear containment, but its modular feature and, therefore, the possibility to remove or cut off any insert; it ensures extreme comfort to people with serious diseases. Peezy, can be adapted on sling seat or a rigid base and together with an anti-slip system, presents a breathable, smooth and stretchable textile cover. It has a comfortable memory foam and breathable PU padding, to ensure greater comfort to the user. Especially the seamless cover, which it is present in every positioning system of the Buddy Brace line, ensure no harm to the skin.
Peezy, ultimately, it has been studied as a set of simple and adjustable inserts, to be composed in blocks according to the most specific user needs. To ensure proper posture for users who have deformities and postural asymmetries. The non-slip base can be used not only not to slide forwards, but can be moved to the sides to overcome any postural height difference. The modularity of Peezy, and its ease of customization it allows to mount the cushion to any base and to be used by any user. Its modular kit allows supporting, accommodating and correcting the user posture over a lifetime. It is possible to have 10 different sizes in depth and width for all user weight. The incontinence cover it is a useful option to the soft and breathable cover in dotation.
  • Versatile in use
  • Highly modular
  • Comfortable
  • Best quality
  • Compact design
  • Anti-decubitus
  • Seamless coating that does not make sores
  • Cover incontinence
  • Coverage for heavy incontinence may be required
  • Breathable and comfortable padding materials
  • Elastic and anti-slip coating material

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