Compact design and easy maneuverability

Paediatric power wheelchair in light alloy the most compact in its category, EVO1 was conceived with the aim of fully satisfying the needs of the child and follow the growth constantly.

The “light” style and color combinations available, make the appearance of the wheelchair similar to that of a toy, so as to make it pleasant to the eyes of children and adults.

Robust and highly manoeuvrable, this chair allows children and young people to gain the confidence to explore the world in complete safety, as it ensures a simple guide and constant contact with the ground.

EVO1 is a very versatile chair: available with front or rear-wheel drive, has several controller options and support, electronic tilt (optional) of 45 °, interchangeable positioning and a comfortable range of modular seating systems Buddy Brace (optional).

These seating systems are fully adaptable over time to the user’s specific needs and, therefore, able to accompany it in its growth and in its development.

The choice of 16 vibrant colors (combinable) and between different options, such as holdall handbag positioned rear or front, ensuring that personal touch that will make EVO1 a good friend for traveling and not merely a health aid.

The compactness and robustness of EVO1 (490 mm frame width) is fully reflected in his typical minimalist design, making it an ideal chair for indoor and outdoor use.

The internal use is guaranteed by the small size and the minimum turning radius, that reduces the manoeuvring space, in this way it is easy to avoid hitting doors and home furnishings, with a beneficial increase in the level of autonomy of the child.


Total length1000-1040 mm (EVO1R)
930-980 mm (EVO1F)
Total width wheels490-550 mm
Total width armrest470-610 mm
Minimum transport length760 mm (EVO1R)
830 mm (EVO1F
Seat height 450 mm
Total weight including batteries105 kg
Maximum user weight150 kg
Seat width300 – 440 mm
Seat depth420-560 mm
Backrest width300-440 mm
Backrest height350 – 550 mm
Backrest angle-adjustable*90 – 170 ° range 45°
Legrest angle-adjustable*90 – 170 ° range 80°
Battery capacity60 A (optional 80 A)
Battery capacity35 Ah small chassis
45 Ah large chassis
Battery charged6 A
Range (ISO 7176-4)25 km
Maximum speed 8 km/h (EVO1R)
6 km/h (EVO1F)
Motor power2 x 220 W
Turning radius (ISO 7176-5) 425 mm (EVO1R)
330 mm (EVO1F)
Obstacle height50 mm
Powered seat tilt*30° o 45°
Powered legrest>*90°-170°
Powered backrest*90°-135°
Warranty2 years
EN12182 / EN12184 CEyes
*not standard

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