Sleek design and superior performance have arrived with EVO 3!

EVO 3 offers a sleek design and superior performance, the top of its category, providing a perfect combination of stability and maneuverability.

Born from the passion of Neatech for high engineering, which allows it to offer a broader spectrum of choices than in the past; it is a quality product that features an elegant design and performance.

The modular design of the seating system, which makes it extremely functional and adaptable to the natural forms of the body, it was designed by one of the most prestigious experts in the world of ergonomics.

The ergonomic design allows engineers to adjust the depth, width, height and angles of the various seat components. Evo 3 is a the top of the range due to the ergonomic seating system associated with the possible customized electronic adjustments, offering a perfect combination of stability and manoeuvrability.

The posture system is designed to comply and accommodate the shapes of the body and it is characterized by a biomechanical movement electronic system, which respect the natural angles of rotation and respecting the user movements.

  • Promotes a natural circulation.
  • It improves the user’s ability in daily life activities.
  • It reduces the occurrence of urinary tract infections.
  • It preserves bone mineral density (prevents osteoporosis).
  • Reduces muscle hypertonicity and spasticity.
  • It prevents the occurrence of bedsores.
  • It facilitates the respiratory function by reducing the risk of developing serious lung diseases.
Total length1090 mm
Total width with wheels560 mm
Total width with armrest470-590 mm
Minimum transport length 815 mm
Seat height470 mm
Seat height with seat lift 770 mm
Total weight including batteries 125 kg
Maximum user weight80 kg
Seat width300 – 420 mm
Seat depth420 – 520 mm
Backrest width300 – 420 mm
Backrest height350 – 500 mm
Backrest angle-adjustable90 – 180 ° range 90°
Legrest angle-adjustable90 – 180 ° range 90°
Negative tilt angle-adjustable 30° in assist
Battery capacity55 Ah
Battery charger6 A
Motor power2x220 W
Power module80 A
Range (ISO 7176-4)25 km
Maximum speed10 km/h
Turning radius (ISO 7176-5)585 mm
Obstacle height50 mm
Suspension2 rear
Powered seat lift*300 mm
Powered seat tilt 45°
Powered legrest90-180° range 90°
Powered backrest90-180° range 90°
Powered negative tilt *30 °in assist
Powered reclining backrestyes*
Powered negative tiltingyes*
Crashtested yes
Warranty 2 years
ISO 7176 – 19 yes
EN12182 / EN12184 CEyes
*not standard

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