INJET is a wheelchair specifically designed for transportation within aircraft or trains. Suitable for transport in narrow corridors to access the assigned seat. It is light and easy to maneuver because it is ergonomically designed to keep the position of the career upright.

INJET is equipped with an effective containing band system for user safety; it is also equipped with ankle support and knee-containing band. It is characterized by a very small size that allows the attendant to take the passenger in his seat, passing along the usually very narrow corridor of the airplanes or trains.

It is equipped with a single footboard that further reduces the overall dimensions and a rear-unbalancing lever that facilitates the thrust. The combination of 16 colors allows the INJET to perfectly match the style and colors of the airport, airline companies, and train companies. Its comfortable and tear-proof canvas it is waterproof and can be customized with logos for advertising purposes.

Total Length 770 mm
Total width 350 mm
Total Height 1120 mm
Backrest height650 mm
Seat depth 420 mm
Height seat from the floor470 mm
Legrest depth200 mm
Wheelchair weight12 kg
Maximum user weight120 kg
Anterior wheelsØ 80 PN
Posterior wheels Ø 300’ PN
Tractionrear wheel-drive
Warranty 2 years
CE EN12182yes


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