Endless positioning solutions

Indicated for chronic and progressive conditions, LB is a highly modular paediatric wheelchair which, thanks to an innovative structure in guides, is extensively configurable and, therefore, customizable. Is possible, in fact, attach the best-known static and dynamic posture systems, it can accommodate various accessories and finally it can be enriched with further customization ad hoc (ready for assembly of the respirator; alignment seat / asymmetric footrests) It satisfy, therefore, all the needs and follows the evolution of the diseases.

LB presents a rigid or foldable frame in a super light material (aluminum alloy) based on a unique patented locking mechanism, which, combined with the tilting seat of 30 °, it gives it a unique features on its kind for the target audience.

The highly functional seat frame allows an asymmetric adjustment with a range of support options and interchangeable positioning.

The ability to manually adjust the height of the seat and of the central leg-rest, with possible compensation of the length, it allows you to adapt the user’s daily environment wheelchair.

LB allows to pass through tight spaces, such as lifts, doors and toilets out of norm, thanks to a simple lever which acts on an ingenious system for reducing the dimensions, consequently this wheelchair is ideal for playful contexts, education and health care.

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, the aesthetics and the bright colors, thought for the kids, LB, is an effective alternative for pushchairs. It combines the easy portability an excellent handling characteristics and manoeuvrability, encouraging the user to take full advantage of its capabilities since a very young age.

LB is easy to clean, thanks to the use of Buddy Brace products, with the breathable and washable seating systems with removable highly finished cover.

It is possible also to equip the LB wheelchair with a another wide range of products Buddy Brace: the seating systems, which allow a natural fit of the body shape ensuring high levels of personalization and comfort.

The original structure of the wheelchair, not surprisingly, comes from an in-depth study that finds its origins in the aviation sector, where everything must be strictly safe, comfortable, ergonomic, lightweight and interchangeable over the years: with this logic ensures spare parts always available, easy to replace and of low cost.

  • Optimize the alignment of body segments by preventing the development of deformities
  • It facilitates the respiratory function, reducing the risk of aspiration pneumonia and increased lung function in a long time
  • Promotes eye-hand coordination
  • Provides convenience-comfort for the patient and the caregiver

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