Comfort, control and stability for your independence

Midi mid wheel drive outdoor use by Midi offers a very comfortable and natural driving experience, infact the central traction and the minimum turning radius allow a very realistic perception of living spaces, with the reduction of unpleasant domestic accidents.

Midi is a valid solution also for outdoor use: the independent suspensions guarantee stability even at higher  speeds and the three possible electronic movements (inclination of the backrest, tilting and lifting of the seat) make it possible to adapt the asset to any road condition.

The frame structure is fully adjustable and the Buddy Brace posture systems reduce the risk of injury and pressure sores, resulting in an improvement of the quality of life.

Comfort, control and stability make MIDI an electronic wheelchair suitable for all driving systems (touchpads, joysticks, mini-joysticks) and all pathologies, even the most severe ones.


Total length without footplates  920 mm

Total width (wheels)  595 mm

Total width (armrests)  475 – 635 mm

Seat height  450 – 500 mm

Total weight including batteries   max 125 kg

Maximum user weight  max 135 kg

Seat depth   300 – 460 mm

Altezza schienale   450 – 550 mm

Angolo di regolazione schienale   90°-135°

Capacità batterie gel   60 Ah Gel

Motori   brushed /4 poli

Carica batterie   8 A

Modulo elettronico   90 A

Autonomia (ISO 7176-4)   35 km

Velocità massima   max 10 km/h

Raggio di sterzata (ISO 7176-5)   508 mm

Altezza ostacoli   80 mm

Sospensioni   indipendenti

Seduta elevabile motorizzata   300 mm

Basculamento motorizzato   50°

Schienale reclinabile motorizzato   90° – 135°

Garanzia (escluse batterie)   2 anni

Marchio CE   

EN12182 (Conformità)   

EN12184 (Conformità)   


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