For your safety!

PASCAL is a chair suitable for evacuation (fire evacuation, earthquakes, or simply due to a faint of a person that needs be accompanied to an A&E). It was born to satisfy all emergency of evacuation, both for people with a temporary or permanent mobility difficulties, (for example panic attack) and it allows climbing up and down the stairs.

PASCAL is extremely maneuverable and thanks to a fractioned sliding system with brakes, it is easy to use, it provides security and stability to the transported, going down the stairs with the same speed of the flux of escaping people.

Thanks to the sliding system easy to regulate in tilting it is useful on multiple types of stairs and it can surpass easily the narrow corner with the intervention of only one person going down the stairs.

PASCAL is entirely foldable, to reduce the total dimensions. It can be stored in its container mounted on the pavement or wall, ready to use in only five seconds or transported in its comfortable and safe backpack made of anti-tear and fire resistant material to reach the more impervious locations and where isn’t possible to implant the anchoring system of the chair itself.

Total length1100 mm
Total height 1050 mm
Total width500 mm
Seat width380 mm
Seat height from the floor490 mm
Stair case slope45°
Commissioning time5 seconds
Wheelchair weight12,5 kg
Maximum user weight120 kg
Maximum dimensions1100x1050x500 mm
Minimum dimensions860x220x500 mm
Warranty2 years

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