“Let’s start the adventure!”
The Speedstar is a technologically advanced electric wheelchair especially for indoor and for outdoor use, obstacles up to 100 mm are not a problem for this sturdy power wheelchair. It is lightweight and stable and offers a safe and comfortable driving experience, which has a frame highly modular in aluminium, which includes two batteries of 80 Ah and powerful 350 Watt motors: the key to high performance and autonomy. The maximum user weight is 135 kg and is available in two different sizes, 55 (the most compact chassis in Europe) and 66 cm wide and sizes 36-48 cm seat width, so the user can choose whether to prefer compactness and adaptability to any environment or durability, driving stability and external autonomy.
The series Speedstar is equipped with a suspension system to independent arms and adjustable, electronic tilting of 30 ° and can be optionally equipped with backrest, seat and leg rest electrically adjustable. It can be equipped with motorized elevating seat up to 300 mm for greater autonomy. It may be equipped, in addition, with special and pilot controls of the most modern home automation control technologies for access to wireless, Bluetooth and infrared devices. Extremely versatile, thanks to a choice of sixteen standard colors, whether or not combined, you can easily add a personal aesthetic touch to the wheelchair.


Total length small chassis   1000 mm

Total length large chassis   1100 mm

Total width small chassis   550 mm

Total width large chassis   660 mm

Minimum transport length s.chassis   770 mm

Minimum transport length l.chassis   800 mm

Seat height   500 mm

Seat height with seat lift   550 – 800 mm

Total weight including batteries    150 kg

Maximum user weight s.chassis   max 90 kg

Maximum user weight l.chassis   max 150 kg

Seat width   360 – 480 mm

Seat depth   460 – 560 mm

Backrest width   360 – 480 mm

Backrest height   350 – 600 mm

Backrest angle-adjustable   90°-135°

Legrest angle-adjustable   90°-170°

Small chassis battery capacity   45 Ah

Large chassis battery capacity   85 Ah

Battery charge   6 A

Power module   60 – 80 A

Motor power   2 x 350 W

Range (ISO 7176-4)   35 km

Maximum speed   max 10 km/h

Obstacle height   100 mm

Suspensions   2 indipendenti

Powered seat lift (optional)   300 mm

Powered seat tilt   30°

Powered legrest (optional)   90° – 170°

Powered backrest (optional)   90° – 135°

Warranty   2 years

CE EN12182/EN12184  yes


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