Sporty power wheelchair

XTREME is a lightweight power wheelchair, handy and extremely powerful, developed to maximize the athlete’s skills in wheelchairs. The cambered wheels and the low center of gravity gives it stability and extreme maneuverability, giving it a sporty soul and a precision of outstanding leadership.

XTREME is equipped with fully programmable performance modules in order to meet all driving needs of each athlete, in any role and any arrangement. Control, power (350 watt motors), speed (up to 15 km / h), and stability with 7.5 ° camber wheels make the Xtreme one of the most agile and performing chair in its category.

The modular structure of the seat, adjustable in height and depth and with dynamic tilting, allows the positioning of the user in the most appropriate way among the rotation axis, to minimize the fluctuations in the lateral accelerations: all this makes XTREME extremely fast around the its axis and so intuitive to drive.

XTREME can be equipped with a range of optional accessories, driving system and alternative controls (mini joystick), also thanks to the use of postural seating systems Buddy Brace, it can adapt to the athlete’s physical changes.

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