Neatech research project

Neatech, enrolled in the National Registry of Research, actively participates in the research and development of national and European projects.

NEASEAT is a system for the construction, handling and positioning of postural seating systems for wheelchairs financed by the HORIZON 2020 call.

The aim of the project is to develop an integrated system that is low-cost and easy to use, for the creation of a personalized session based on 3D measurements of the user’s body for wheelchairs.

The NEASET project can basically be divided into two macro activities:

– creation of a production cycle for the realization of a postural sitting tailored for each individual user.

The cycle involves the acquisition of the three-dimensional model of the individual user with the use of dedicated 3D scanners, the CAD processing of the acquired model for the creation of a customized seating model, and the creation of the personalized session.

-Creation of a hardware-software system for the movement and positioning of a seating system.

It is basically a digital module for controlling electronic actuators. Two processors must be present for safety and regulatory compliance requirements. The system will process analog and digital signals coming from a set of sensors appropriately positioned on the wheelchair to decide the allowed movements and those not allowed for the safety and comfort of the user.

The system will consist of several modules that will dialogue through a specially developed bus channel.

The project was launched on 1 March 2016 and will last for 36 months. Currently it has achieved 65% progress.