About us S.r.l, was founded as a spin-off of a national company in the aerospace sector, establishing itself first as a laboratory for research on new applications of the technology assets acquired in the source field, then it becomes a manufacturing company in the field of assistive technology for people with disabilities, with a high technological content.

The new industrial project was born from the idea of transferring the basic aviation criteria (lightness, strength and reliability) and therefore its related technologies, in a high social impact sector, but initially unwilling to the technological innovation.

In Neatech aids for people with disabilities, it is possible to find the characteristic features of fine mechanical precision and quality standards that characterize the aviation industry, which are certified by the military recognition NATO AQAP-4 (Allied Quality Assurance Publications) attesting quality in the design, development, manufacture, installation and servicing.

The Ltd was established as a company producing devices for the disabled in 2006, working not only as a manufacturing enterprise, but also as a true partner of its customers in order to allow, through the maximum customization of the aids, the complete adaptability to the surrounding environment.

This prerogative was already present in the product of the Levia when, in 1985, the company core business was still focused on the industrial aviation. This wheelchair was made of carbon fibres to the top of its technology for current market standard of that period. The Levia permitted a person with disabilities, through a system of levers that can be activated autonomously and directly from the wheelchair, to reduce size, passing through smaller spaces (small door of small elevators).

In 2010 the Ltd also began to specialize in postural seating systems through the new corporate brand “Buddy Brace”, which, starting from a know-how on the technical aids already consolidated, it enriched more and more with new knowledge and skills in the field.

The Buddy Brace business division completed the already highly comfortable and versatile structural frames that ltd proposes, enhancing the comfort and the quality of our Italian manufacture by offering a wide range of postural and seating systems.

With materials chosen meticulously to respect the quality, breathability, and resistance of the solutions that we manufacture.

The Ltd., registered to ‘the National Registry of Research”, owns an ISO 9001 certification, which identifies it as an organization able to structure and manage their own resources and their production processes so as to recognize and meet the needs of customers, in a perspective of continuous improvement.


Our goal LTD bases its mission on the continuous technical and styling innovation and on the deep sensitivity to the people needs. The mission is to able of designing simple and effective SOLUTIONS and not merely commercial products.


From here our two main strengths:


  • The know-how acquired during the years of collaboration with the largest aviation and military clientele:

studies on non-destructive testing (complex of tests and surveys conducted using methods that do not alter the material, each product can be tested while maintaining the integrity) and the use of the centers CNC (computer numerical control – they are able to make incisions, high precision machining and sculpturing) have allowed the Neatech to increase the technical life of the products and to ensure superior reliability to the required standards;


  • The ethical principles underlying the corporate management:

the criteria that guide the investments are of an economic nature but include social considerations. The mission is to improve the quality of life of those who have a disability, offering a line of aids that facilitate the overcoming of artificial and natural barriers.

The R&D sector of Neatech is continuously engaged in testing new materials and develop new ways to make more and better products available to its customers. Although it has changed the core business, the LTD continues to work respecting the original mission, which is:


“Establish, in complete design autonomy and manufacturing, a technological laboratory able to propose ideas, identify and implement, even through prototypes, innovative solutions for the optimization of the products and processes”


Over the years, LTd has developed a wide range of the products, able to offer to the market a complete set of solutions, clashing in many cases with a strongly established foreign competition on the Italian territory, but still managing to establish itself as a European leader in certain specific segments , for the quality of the products and variety of innovative services offered.

Neatech, indeed, even if on the market for a relatively short period, it already ranks highly in the list of manufacturers of devices for the disabled, such as research and innovation, lying at an equal level compared to companies with bigger dimensions and commerce.


The basic philosophy of Neatech is to help to build a patient-friendly aid under the motto:


“Because every-body is different”


Neatech can count on a group of young engineers who, thanks to a fresh, creative and proactive approach are constantly working on new projects and unexplored possibilities.

All our working phases are performed internally and entirely in our company, therefore, in Italy. We can preserve the quality and style of the Made in Italy, but especially having all the equipment inside we can do customizations and satisfy all customer requirements.

Our strength is based primarily on technological innovation present in our company and the clever engineering that accompanies us for 25 years.

The production process includes:

– The research and development, therefore the design and prototyping

– Our products are manufactured by our CNC centres ( numerical control machines)

– Welding

– Varnishing

– Assembling

– Simultaneously is carried out the manufacture of seating systems

– The product is then checked to accept each conformity to the requested solution

– Packaging and shipping anywhere in the world

Our cycle does not end here, indeed begins from this point, with :

  • an excellent customer care and presence in the field of our technical specialists which follow the customer during use of our aid.

The customer then is the focal point of our job.


The Team

A family bound by a single goal: to improve the lives of people with disabilities, helping them to overcome any barrier and supporting them through the continuous development of the products, in their growth; and making them feel comfortable in their everyday life.

The complete customization of the wheelchair and the perfect adjustment of seating system solutions are the daily challenges in which all staff are emotionally and professionally involved.

In support of our mission, there is a department of Research and Development constantly committed to encourage the technological improvement of materials and equipment, because only in this way you can effectively meet the demands of our customers. Any business, from R&D to design, from production to packaging, from sales to consulting and after sales service is aimed to achieve the real and full customer satisfaction.


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