Jamm’ E Turnamm (andiamo e ritorniamo)

JET is a wheelchair specifically designed for transportation use, within airport, shopping centers, schools, libraries and all institutional buildings. It is light and easy to maneuver because it is designed to maintain the position of the career upright.

JET is equipped with adjustable separate foot-rests and comfortable calf-support; moreover, it is equipped with adjustable flip-up armrests and an effective containing band system, that allows users with reduced mobility to be transported in complete safety within public buildings.

JET has a reinforced structure, an effective system for positioning the footr-ests and a system to fold the foo-trest that facilitates the positioning and movement of the users.

The combination of 16 colors allows the JET wheelchair to match the style and colors of the airport or institutional buildings perfectly. The anti-tear sling seat and the spoke guards, created to avoid injuries to the upper limbs, can be customized with stickers and logo printing for advertising purposes.

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