Evo 1

Compact design
and easy maneuverability
for an easy life


EVO1 is a light alloy pediatric electronic wheelchair among the most compact in its category, it was designed with the aim of fully meeting the needs of the child and constantly following their growth.

The “light” style and the possible color combinations of EVO1 make it look similar to that of a toy, so that it is pleasing to the eyes of children and adults.

Sturdy and easily maneuverable, this wheelchair allows children and young people to gain the confidence to discover the world in total safety.

EVO 1 is very versatile: available with front or rear wheel drive, it has different controller and support options, electronic tilting (optional) of 45 °, interchangeable positioning and a comfortable range of modular Buddy Brace seating systems.

The choice between 16 bright colors and the different options, such as the rear and / or front all-round bag, guarantee that personal touch that makes EVO1 a good travel companion and not a mere medical aid.

The compactness and sturdiness of EVO 1 (490 mm frame width) are aspects that are fully reflected in its typical minimalist design and promote its use even outside the home, with a beneficial increase in the child’s degree of autonomy.


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Total length with platforms Evo1R 1000 -1040 mm

Total length with Evo1F platforms 930 -980 mm

Total width with wheels 490 – 550 mm

Total width with armrests 475 – 610 mm

Minimum transport length Evo1R 760 mm

Minimum transport length Evo1F 830 mm

Seat height 450 mm

Total weight including batteries max 105 kg

Maximum user weight max 150 kg

Seat width 300 – 440 mm

Backrest width 300 – 440 mm

Height of backrest tubes 450 – 550 mm

Backrest adjustment angle 90 ° -135 °

Footrest adjustment angle 90 ° -170 °

6 A battery charger

Electronic module 60 A (optional 80 A)

Range (ISO 7176-4) 25 km

Maximum speed Evo1R max 8 km / h

Maximum speed Evo1F max 6 km / h

Motor power 2 x 220 W

Turning radius Evo1R (ISO 7176-5) 425 mm

Turning radius Evo1F (ISO 7176-5) 330 mm

Obstacle height 50 mm

Motorized seat tilt 30 ° or 45 °

Elevating platform 90 ° – 170 °

90 ° – 135 ° reclining backrest

Warranty (excluding batteries) 2 years

CE marked yes

EN12182 (Compliance) yes

EN12184 (Compliance) yes


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