A wheelchair specifically for airport use, light and easy to maneuver

Injet is a specific wheelchair for transport inside aircraft or trains; the minimum size, in fact, allows the accompanying person to cross the usually narrow corridor of these means of transport and to take the passenger to his seat.

Injet is light and easy to maneuver and has an effective harness system for securing the user; it is also equipped with ankle rest, knee rest, a single platform which further reduces the overall dimensions and a rear unbalancing lever which facilitates pushing.

The combination of 16 possible colors allows INJET to be perfectly adapted to the style and colors of the airport. Its comfortable and tear-resistant canvas is waterproof and can be customized with logos for advertising purposes.


Total length 770 mm

Total width 350 mm

Total height 1120 mm

Backrest height 650 mm

Seat height from the ground 470 mm

Seat depth 420 mm

Platform depth 200 mm

Chair weight 12 kg

Maximum user weight 120 kg

Front wheels Ø 80 PU

Rear wheels Ø 300 PU

Rear-wheel Drive

2 year guarantee

CE EN12182 yes

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