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Levia Basculante

Levia Basculante

The wheelchair with infinite positioning solutions


Indicated for chronic and progressive diseases, LB is a highly modular wheelchair and thanks to an innovative guide structure it is widely configurable and customizable.

The rigid and folding frame in super light material (aluminum alloy), combined with the tilting seat, gives the LB unique characteristics of its kind for the target audience.

The highly adjustable seat allows to accommodate postural asymmetries with a wide choice of interchangeable support and positioning options.

LB can pass through confined spaces thanks to a lever that acts on an ingenious patented system for reducing dimensions, which does not compromise stability in any way.

The brightly colored aesthetics can be customized and adapted to pediatric users, making it an ideal product for playful, school and healthcare settings.

LB is very easy to carry and is extremely handy and manoeuvrable, thus encouraging the user to make the most of his abilities from an early age in every context of daily life.

The modularity of LB allows you to follow the growth and morpho-structural changes of the user, ensuring rigidity and lightness of the structure that allows it to accommodate users up to 150 kg.


  • It facilitates respiratory function by reducing the risk of aspiration pneumonia and increases lung function
  • Reduces the onset of pressure ulcers
  • Optimizes the alignment of body segments by preventing the evolution of deformities
  • Promotes eye-manual coordination
  • It guarantees convenience-comfort for the patient and the caregiver


Total length with runways 1020 – 1180 mm

Total width with wheels 395 – 645 mm

Total width with armrests 375 – 635 mm

Length / width / height minimum transport 780x330x665 mm

Seat height 415 – 515 mm

Total weight min 22 – max 32 kg

Maximum user weight max 150 kg

Seat width 260 – 480 mm

Seat depth 260 – 660 mm

Backrest width 260 – 480 mm

Height of backrest tubes 450 – 550 mm

Backrest adjustment angle 90 ° – 135 °

Footrest adjustment angle 90 ° – 170 °

Crashtested (ISO 7176 – 19 / si

2 year guarantee

CE EN12182 / EN12184 yes


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