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Dyna 45

Dyna 45

A wheelchair suitable for people with severe pathologies

Dyna is an extremely versatile manual wheelchair suitable especially for people with very severe pathologies. The 45 ° tilt significantly affects the user’s quality of life by improving their health:

in fact, the ability to stretch the spine and unload the rachis benefits both breathing and circulation.

The 45 ° tilt also facilitates the caregiver’s maneuvers (rehabilitation activities, transfer to bed, etc.) by improving the quality of medical and personal assistance offered to the user.

DYNA together with the Buddy Brace postural systems, ergonomic and breathable, considerably reduces the risk of pressure sores and other complications related to incorrect posture.


Total length – wheels Ø300 min 610 – max 720 mm

Total length – wheels Ø400 min 665 – max 770 mm

Total width with armrests 410 – 530 mm

Seat height from the ground 470 mm

Total weight max 30 kg

Maximum user weight max 125 kg

Seat width 300 – 420 mm

Seat depth 300 – 600 mm

Backrest width 300 – 420 mm

Backrest height 450 – 550 mm

Max tilting 45 °

Backrest adjustment angle 90 ° -135 °

Backrest adjustment angle 90 ° -160 °

2 year guarantee


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