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The motorized wheelchair for all types of sports

XTREME is a light, easy to handle and extremely powerful electronic wheelchair, developed to maximize the skills of the athlete in the wheelchair. The bell wheels and the very low center of gravity guarantee stability and extreme maneuverability, giving it a sporty soul and exceptional driving precision.

XTREME is also ideal for the athlete on a wheelchair who uses the upper limbs, as it uses fully programmable performance modules to meet any driving need, in any role and with any set-up. Control, power (2 × 350 watts) and speed (15 km / h) make it one of the best performing chairs in its category.

The modular structure of the seat, adjustable in height and depth, and the dynamic tilting allow the user to be positioned in the most appropriate way with respect to the rotation axis, minimizing the jolts in lateral accelerations: all this makes XTREME extremely agile and intuitive to drive. .

XTREME can be equipped with a series of optional accessories and with an alternative drive and control system (mini joystick), moreover, thanks to the use of the Buddy Brace posture systems (optional), it can adapt to physical change and the new needs of the body. athlete in a wheelchair.


Total length without protection 900 mm

Total width 730 mm

Length / width / height minimum transport 900x730x630 mm

Length with protection football front 1100 mm

Length with protection short front hockey 980 mm

Length with protection long hockey front 1070 mm

Seat height 500 mm

Total weight including batteries 105 kg

Maximum user weight 150 kg

Seat width 360 – 500 mm

Seat depth 340 – 460 mm

Backrest width 360 – 500 mm

Backrest height 420 mm

Footrest adjustment angle fixed at 85 °

Battery capacity 85 Ah

8 A battery charger

Electronic module 120 A

Motor power 2 x 350 W

Maximum speed 15 km / h

7.5 ° bell wheels

2 year guarantee

CE EN12182 yes


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