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Comfort, control and stability for your independence

MIDI, the new central-wheel drive electric wheelchair for outdoor use, offers a very comfortable and natural driving experience thanks to the perfect balance between power, control and stability. The Active Ride Control (ARC) independent suspension system, in fact, allows you to tackle the roughness of the road surface very easily even at higher speeds.

The powerful 4-pole motors (technology that improves the quality of control) can thus express themselves fully for an outdoor driving without constraints; in addition, the extremely small footprint and the turning radius of only 50 cm facilitate driving even in very narrow passages.

MIDI is one of the few electronic wheelchairs with a motorized tilting up to 50 ° (as an optional also the motorized lifting seat and reclining backrest), in this way the user can tackle even slopes that are difficult to overcome in complete stability.

MIDI has an elegant and lively line, the powerful LED headlights and intermittent lights have an attractive design. Finally, MIDI can be equipped with different guide systems (joystick, mini-joystick, touch, etc.) and interfaces perfectly with the Buddy Brace posture systems, for all-round comfort.


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Total length without platforms 920 mm

Total width (wheels) 595 mm

Total width (armrests) 475 – 635 mm

Seat height 450 – 500 mm

Total weight including batteries max 125 kg

Maximum user weight max 135 kg

Seat width 300 – 460 mm

Backrest height 450 – 550 mm

Backrest adjustment angle 90 ° -135 °

Gel battery capacity 60 Ah Gel

Brushed / 4-pole motors

8 A battery charger

Electronic module 90 A

Range (ISO 7176-4) 35 km

Maximum speed max 10 km / h

Turning radius (ISO 7176-5) 508 mm

Obstacle height 80 mm

Independent suspension

Motorized lifting seat 300 mm

Motorized tilting 50 °

Motorized reclining backrest 90 ° – 135 °

Warranty (excluding batteries) 2 years

CE marked yes

EN12182 (Compliance) yes

EN12184 (Compliance) yes


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