A family linked by a single intent: to improve the lives of people with disabilities, helping them to overcome any barrier and supporting them in their growth through constant product development, to put them at ease in everyday life. The complete customization of the wheelchair and the perfect adaptation of the posture system represent the daily challenge in which all staff are emotionally and professionally involved.

Our Research and Development department is constantly engaged in the technological improvement of materials and equipment, because only in this way is it possible to effectively satisfy the requests of our customers.
Any activity, from R&D to design, from production to packaging, from sales to consultancy and after-sales assistance, is aimed at full and concrete customer satisfaction. The Neatech team can boast of a strong customer care, the customer is at the center of our projects.


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The company aims to be an equal partner of its client, in order to allow him, through the maximum personalization of the aid, complete adaptability to his own social and environmental contexts.